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Garlic 0

Garlic and it’s health benefits

What is Garlic? Garlic is a bulbous plant, erect flowering stem that grows up to 1 m. The leaf blade is flat, linear, solid, and approximately 1.20 to 2.5 cm wide, with a pointed...

Dengue 0

Natural way to prevent Dengue fever

Dengue fever is real threat for our human life. What is Dengue? Dengue is a viral infection disease caused by dengue viruses, which are transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. This viral infection transmitted by the...

Top health benefits of Orange 0

Top 10 health benefits of Orange

The orange (specifically, the sweet orange) is the fruit of the citrus species Citrus × sinensis in the family Rutaceae.  It is known for its health benefits, particularly its high concentration of vitamin C. 1....

vegetable can cure cancer 0

Can vegetable cure cancer?

Can vegetable cure cancer ? and the answer is YES! THERE IS HOPE , REAL AND SCIENTIFICALLY VALID! We all know that vegetables are good for our health , but some are better than others....

Parsley leaves 0

Rub Parsley leaves to treat bruises

Rub Parsley leaves to treat bruises Take a handful of fresh parsley leaves, crush them and spread them over the bruise. Wrap the area with an elastic bandage. Some experts claim that parsley decreases...

Veg egg 1

Plant based Eggs for Veggies

We all know that egg supplies essential nutrients to our body. As our vegetarian friends keep themselves away from it, Scientists have found out a substitute for that, “Veg egg”! Wondering what is it…!!...

Butternut squash 0

Health benefit of Butternut squash

Butternut squash Scientific Name: Cucurbita moschata Common Name: Butternut pumpkin or gramma Health benefit One-half cup of baked cubed butternut squash provides 16IU of the flavonoid, beta-carotene. It also provides a good amount of fiber (three...

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