How can we save our green Earth?

1. How can we save our green Earth?

It is important for every person to do his bit to take care of the growing concerns faced by Mother Nature. We can undertake several simple things so as to promote green and save our Earth and our children from impending disaster. The truth is going ‘green’ is much easier and with small things undertake by each and every person, it is possible to reduce greenhouse gases. Thus, less harmful impact will be made upon the environment. It is rather a privilege and not just any responsibility to take care of Earth.

how to save our green
how to save our green

8 things to do to save our green

  • Avoid using the car: You can take the public transport to go to office. Not taking your car out for two days in a week will mean diminishing greenhouse gas emissions by around 721 kg (1,590 pounds) per year. Also, it can help save precious gas.
  • Not wasting water: Small things do make huge difference. Turn off water when not in use. Fix leaky toilet or plumbing, thus saving approximately 757 liters (200 gallons) of water/day. Consume tap water rather than bottled water to ensure not wasting packaging. Wash clothes using cold water.
  • Recycle: Pollution can be reduced by using a different bin to put away that soda can. It trying to select between two products, then select the one that comes with least packaging.
  • You can walk to school, work or the market or ride on a bike, wherever possible. This not only improves your health by boning some calories, but also reduces greenhouse gases.
  • Compost: There is plenty of trash that accumulates in a household every year. Solid wastes produced at the home if reduced will mean having to fill less land space and saving huge amounts of money in the process. Compost also is termed to be excellent natural fertilizers and composting is much easier than imagined.
  • Turn off lights if not in room. Also all appliances are to be unplugged if they are not required at the moment. Being environmental conscious will take couple of seconds.
  • Change light bulbs. CFLs (Compact Fluorescent light bulbs) are known to last much longer (by about 10 times longer) when compared to the standard bulbs. Also, it uses two-thirds less energy. When shopping for new home electronics or appliances, always choose ‘energy star’ products that meet Department of Energy’ guidelines. Studies have revealed that billions of amounts can be saved on utility bills as well as billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions prevented from getting released into the atmosphere.
  • Save money by using energy efficient appliances and clean them periodically. Regular maintenance will ensure that the system does not work overtime. Programmable thermostat will ensure that precious energy is not wasted when not at home. Also thermostat setting is to be reduced while going to bed.
use public transport to save our green
use public transport to save our green

You can come up with your own ways to save the planet and ensure a much cleaner and safer atmosphere for your future generation and let us know here.

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