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First came into existence about 385 million years ago trees have played a key role in existence of life in this planet. With an estimated 100000 species they are found all over the world. Plants are the single most important part of our ecosystem by providing us with oxygen, food , and many more things as our need and greed grew over the time. They work as filters of our planet taking out all harmful elements from soil and air thus keeps environment clean. For many centuries people have worshiped trees, they were mesmerised by its beauty and how trees changed with seasons. People wrote poems and stories about trees, loved them as they loved their family, sometimes more. But like all good things it did not last long. Human stupidity today has destroyed most of the ancient forest and the biodiversity with it. Strength of a tree is measured by its roots, but sometimes I wish it had wings too; to fly away; to save itself; to save us. There, we devided it on five parts. 1.Algae 2. Bryophytes 3. Pteridophytes 4. Gymnosperms 5. Angiosperms

Java Moss

A delicate moss, Java Moss

Java Moss originates from Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Japan, Java, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore Vietnam, and the islands of the East Indian archipelago. In...

Valonia ventricosa

Importance of Valonia ventricosa

Valonia ventricosa tурісаllу grоw, but іn rаrе саsеs, thеу саn grоw іn сlаssеs. Тhеу lооk іn zоnеs оf trорісаl аnd subtrорісаl rеgіоns, suсh аs...

Spiral Aloe

Beautiful spiral aloe

Spiral Aloe is a species in the genus Aloe. Scientific name: Aloe polyphylla Common Name: Kroonaalwyn(Afrikaans), Spiral Aloe, ekhala kharatsa(seSotho). Description: Aloe polyphylla is a unique beauty with a...