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Heal Earth, Heal Yourself.

Ebola virus disease

Decoding Ebola virus

The outbreak of Ebola virus in several nations has caused tension among the people in India too. Hence , to be on the safer side one must be aware about this lethal disease. What...

Xmas trees/leaf absorb greenhouse gas

Xmas trees absorb greenhouse gas

Xmas trees absorb greenhouse gas Celebrating Christmas with Christmas tree adds one more reason to curb global warming. Christmas trees are absorbing methane, a super greenhouse gas. Researchers at Lund University and Stock Holm...

Oahu (Koolau and Waianae), Hawaii

Falling down of Mountains

Falling down of Mountains Researchers have discovered that the mountains found on Oahu (Koolau and Waianae), Hawaii’s third largest island in the North Pacific, are being eroded from within by groundwater. Thus, they are...

A Meal with Mealworms

A Meal with Mealworms

A Meal with Mealworms! It may sound very disgusting and may feel like ‘yuck’, but it is nearly proved to be the next best food. Yes!! Researchers found Beetle larvae, the mealworms, produce more...

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