Author: Shagufta Anjum

Valonia ventricosa

Importance of Valonia ventricosa

Valonia ventricosa tурісаllу grоw, but іn rаrе саsеs, thеу саn grоw іn сlаssеs. Тhеу lооk іn zоnеs оf trорісаl аnd subtrорісаl rеgіоns, suсh аs thе Саrіbbеаn, nоrth thrоugh Flоrіdа, sоuth tо Вrаzіl, and аt...

Buckler fern

Dryopteris- Buckler fern and it’s importance

Buckler fern Image Source Scientific Name: Dryopteris Common Name: Commonly known as wood fern, male fern. Description: Dryopteris or buckler fern have almost 250 species. It is native to Eastern Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the...

Ebola virus disease

Decoding Ebola virus

The outbreak of Ebola virus in several nations has caused tension among the people in India too. Hence , to be on the safer side one must be aware about this lethal disease. What...

Jog Waterfalls, India

Heading for a fall

As the monsoon approaches, and the dark clouds cover the sky,, we all get in a mood to go far away from the crowded city!! Here are a few of the most amazing waterfalls...

Crab apple fruit

Crabapple or Wild apple

Crabapple Scientific name- Malus spp. Common name- Crabapple, Crab apple, Wild apple. Distribution- These deciduous trees are native to the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere and are often confused with the cultivated

Beautiful Bush lili with red and orange flower

Beautiful Bush Lily

Bush Lily Bush Lily (Clivia spp.), a native of South Africa, is commonly seen in damp woodlands. The plant has bright coloured orange or red flowers with strap-like leaves. It was originally named after...

International Recycling Day

International Recycling Day

International Recycling Day In many countries around the world celebrates on May 17th the International Day for Recycling. Although some organizations or Groups(related with reduce, reuse, recycle activities) around the world celebrates on May 15th...

vegetable can cure cancer

Can vegetable cure cancer?

Can vegetable cure cancer ? and the answer is YES! THERE IS HOPE , REAL AND SCIENTIFICALLY VALID! We all know that vegetables are good for our health , but some are better than others....