Crabapple or Wild apple


Crabapple tree and flower

Crabapple tree and flower

Scientific name- Malus spp.

Common name- Crabapple, Crab apple, Wild apple.

Distribution- These deciduous trees are native to the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere and are often confused with the cultivated orchard apples. They are found growing singly in old woods and hedges.

Description- The ancestor of modern cultivated apple ‘crabapple’ belongs to the ancient times. These tall trees growing in heavier soils, have a dense crown.The leaves are glossy with small round triangular teeth. The flowers are borne in corymbs in shades of yellow-green often flushed with red or white spots.

Crab apple fruit

Crab apple fruit

It is considered to be one of the nine sacred plants used in spells to protect against evil. Seeped in legends and lore, you can almost tell just by looking at its gnarled and thorny branches, that it has long been associated with witchcraft and magic..Sounds interesting…

Economic importance-

1.It is quite popular as an ornamental tree for landscapes.

2. The fruit is used to make jelly and in wine.

3. Used as a sour condiment, eaten with salt and chilly pepper.

4. Timber suited best for wood carvings.

5. used as a clarifying agent in making cider.