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In the universe we know, there are uncountable numbers of planets. But among these planets, there is only one planet named ‘Earth’. It is unique, full of life and millions of years old. This planet is beautiful, full of amazement- from snow-capped mountains to lush green valleys, from burning deserts to ice cold glaciers- this planet is more beautiful than the most beautiful. Planet Earth is our home sweet home.

Places To Visit In The Lake District

Cumbria’s Lake District National Park offers magical scenery that incomparable to anywhere else in Europe regarding landscape bеаutу аnd hеrіtаgе оf stоnе fаrmhоusеs, fаsсіnаtіng hіstоrу оf ruggеd mоuntаіns, аnd lаkеs. So if you’re considering...

Maori Tribes Performing in National Kapa Haka Festival

Maori tribe and haka dance

Maori tribe, the largest ethnic tribe living in New Zealand and part of Australia. In 2006 about 644000 individual māori people were living in New Zealand and 120000 in Australia. Their ancestors came New...

Jog Waterfalls, India

Heading for a fall

As the monsoon approaches, and the dark clouds cover the sky,, we all get in a mood to go far away from the crowded city!! Here are a few of the most amazing waterfalls...

Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land It is the attraction of color. The fairyland looks like a pitch of land burning with red lame. June is the growing season for potatoes; bottle-green leaves decorated by white potato...

Boiling lake of Dominica

Boiling lake of Dominica

Boiling lake of Dominica Dominica’s Boiling Lake, the second largest hot spring in the world, is situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park – Dominica’s World Heritage site. It is filled with bubbling...

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