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Bryophyte is a traditional common name for plants that don’t have any true vascular tissue, however some has specialized tissues to transport water but as they don’t contain lignin, they are not considered as true vascular tissue,Bryophytes are small plants that contains leaves, trunk but instead of roots, they have threads like ryzoeds and they breed through spores instead of flowers or seeds, most of them are photosynthetic. Bryophytes plays an important role in nature, many creatures like iguana,lizards live on Bryophytes,so in food again they work as producers.

Sphagnum 0


Sphagnum Sphagnum is the only genus in the family Sphagnaceae. Sphagnum occurs throughout the world with the northern hemisphere regions, e.g. Canada, North America being the centres of dominance.

Hornwort 0


Hornwort Hornworts can be found worldwide. They grow only in damp wet places, like near waterfalls, rain-forests  on wet trees or in garden.

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Moss Mosses are a kind of Bryophytes that can be divided into leaves and stem but they lack roots.

Umbrella Liverwort 0

Umbrella Liverwort

Umbrella Liverwort Umbrella Liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha) is a large liverwort with a wide distribution around the world.

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 Crystalwort Riccia fluitans, also known as crystalwort, is a very popular aquatic floating bryophyte among the aquarists. It is known for its ability to grow quickly on the surface. It was made popular as...

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