World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day
World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is celebrated around the world every June 8th.

It has been celebrated unofficially since its original proposal in 1992 by Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development and the Ocean Institute of Canada at the Earth Summit – UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The health of the ocean has a direct impact on all life on Earth. Your everyday decisions play a role in ocean health, so take positive action to protect the sea!


A healthy ocean is critical to our survival. Every year, World Oceans Day provides a unique opportunity to honor, help protect, and conserve the world’s oceans. Oceans are very important:

  • They generate most of the oxygen we breathe
  • Help feed us
  • Regulate our climate
  • Clean the water we drink
  • Offer a pharmacopeia of medicines
  • Provide limitless inspiration!

Participate in this event or activity this year and help protect the ocean for the future. It’s up to each one of us to help ensure that our ocean is healthy for future generations.


Together we can protect and restore our ocean!

To know more about it and join this growing global celebration on 8 June! visit here.Read more about other important days.