Two different place, two different condition, but one love: Yes! It’s Mother’s Love

Sometimes when we are deeply moved, we get a little off task. And in my opinion, the courage and love shown by these Mom are an example of what is needed to heal this planet.

It's called mother's love

It’s called mother’s love

In above photography, Her daughter is suffering from a rare genetic disease Progeria, and she was wondering why everyone seem to have hair, so her mother shaved her hair to comfort her.

This is a wonderful and loving mom! Who cares about so called “beauty” when your child is suffering and needs some moral support? They are both beautiful!! This mom obviously understands this concept. One of the best moms there is!

Age is not matter! Unconditional mother's love

Age is not matter! Unconditional mother’s love

A mother (97 years old) in China, feeding and taking care of her paralysed son (60 years old) everyday for more than 19 years. A reminder of the amazing spirit of human compassion and more importantly, motherly love!!

Great mother, that’s why we valued love as infinity. A big salute from “Save Our Green” Family.

Earth Warrior

"I'm not an environmentalist. I'm an Earth warrior."