Stag horn or Elk horn Fern


Platycerium sp.

Common name: Stag-horn fern or Elk-horn

Genus: Platycerium

This epiphytic fern with around 18 species, thrives in the tropical and temperate areas of South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia.

An unusual looking peculiar plant, yet fascinating to look at. Simply because their fronds are unique.The fronds are dimorphic exhibiting great variations. The basal fronds are kidney shaped and found laminating against the tree thereby protecting the roots from any kind of damage and withering out. These fronds help the plant in gaining vertical height in canopy as well. However the fertile fronds are dichotomous and antler shaped found hanging from the rhizome. This unique shape of the frond is the reason that they are precisely called as stag horn ferns.

This unique fern would definitely attract curious garden lovers, but it is even more spectacular when left in the wild.