Pink necked green pigeon

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    Pink necked green pigeon
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Pink necked green pigeon

Pink necked green pigeon

Pink necked green pigeon

Common name: Pink-necked Green Pigeon, Pink-necked Pigeon.

Family: Columbidae (Pigeons, Doves).

Scientific Name: Treron vernans.

Species name author: (Linnaeus, 1771).

Distribution: This beautiful species of pigeon is found in tropical forests of Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Pink necked green pigeon(Male and Female)

Pink necked green pigeon(Male and Female)


Males: Crown, forehead and lores very pale bluish-grey, nape, sides of neck and upper breast purplish-lilac, paler on lower of face. Upper body, scapulars and tertials dark greyish-green, uppertail coverts tinged with yellowish-rufous. Tail dark bluish-grey with black terminal band, broader on outer rectrices, and thinly edged with grey.

Female: Uniform green plumage; yellow stripe in wing; belly has yellow tinge; thighs mixed dark green and yellow; under tail coverts pale cinnamon.

Diet: Pink-necked Green Pigeons eat mainly fruits, largely figs and berries of all kinds.


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