Musgum architecture: The Obus

Musgum architecture: The Obus

The Obus - Musgum

Musgum Earth Architecture

These are clay catenary domes, also called as obos. Musgum obos / obi structures in Pouss, northern Cameroon near the border with Chad. They provide efficient cooling in the baking heat with a round ventilation hole at the top and a small entrance with no windows. The high dome collects the hot air moving it away from the living space. The patterns on the exterior of the obos aren’t just for decoration. The name of these houses (‘cases obos’) comes from their similarity with the profile of shells. It is structurally very close to the catenary arch, the ideal mathematical form to bear a maximum weight with minimal material. This profile also reduces the pressure effect of the impact of water drops on the walls.There is one structure for the chief and the additional ones are for each wife! (image source)

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