How to make bird house using Coconut Shell?

Easy way to make bird house using coconut shell.

Easy way to make bird house using coconut shell

Easy way to make bird house using coconut shell

At first arrange: 1. hard-flat surface board 2. screwdriver 3. sharp strong blade/knife/hacksaw 4. Drill mechine 5. rope 6. Screw

Step: Just be sure to do this over a non-slip surface.You can start to make the opening with a hacksaw or just the blade , for easy cutting you can drill holes and then cut and make a holes (with a drill bit smaller diameter than the screw threat )to all house holders (wooden pieces out of tree branch)and make a threat with a screw for easy assembly later . Now hang it on your balcony, garden store or lawn.

Coconut Bird House

Coconut Bird House

Follow-up the picture. You can try it anytime! You can use it as a bird feeder too.


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