Blue Malaysian Coral Snake

Blue Malaysian Coral Snake

blue coral snake

Blue Malaysian Coral Snake

Common Name: Blue Malaysian Coral Snake

Scientific Name: Calliopsis bivirgatus

The blue Malaysian coral snake is native to Southeast Asia. It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand.

It is a species of venomous snake which can grow up to a length of 5 ft. It has a long indigo or deep blue slender body with light blue or white lines along both sides of the body. The head and tail is bright red or orange .There is a thin red line on the back, the snout is long and has two small black eyes.

The snake is nocturnal and mainly lives in forest floor where it spends its daytime without any activity and becomes active at night. Its venom is highly neurotoxic and causes death. The diet consists mostly of other snakes and lizards.

Blue Malaysian Coral Snake also plays an important ecological role in preserving the natural environment through their predatory role of feeding on lizards and other snakes.