Punganur Dwarf Cow: World’s Shortest Cow

World’s Shortest Cow

Punganur Dwarf Cow

Punganur Dwarf Cow

Punganur cows are the world’s shortest breed of cows. This dwarf breed of Indian cows originated in the district of Chitoor of Andhra Pradesh, India. With an average height of 70-90 cm, it is the world’s shortest cattle. It weighs around 120 kg only.

Despite being small, these cows are surprisingly good milk producers, producing 3-5 litre of milk with a daily food intake of just around 5 kg. The milk contains higher fat than that of other cow breeds.

World's Shortest Cow

World’s Shortest Cow

It is sad that this interesting breed is on the verge of extinction with only 60 animals left in the Government Livestock Farm, Palamaner, Chittoor district. Some private breeders are also trying to revive the vanishing breed. There are also 200 of these cows under the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, where they are treated as holy animals. Now you just can’t help giving the expression- “Holy cow!”.


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