Poppy anemone

Poppy anemone

Poppy anemone

Poppy anemone

Common name: Poppy anemone

Scientific name: Anemone coronaria var. sylphide

Distribution: It is native to the Mediterranean region. The plant has been grown as a garden flower in Europe since ancient times.

It is a charming plant growing from a basal rosette, with lovely magenta hot pink flowers having beautiful velvety petals. They look even fantastic with acid green attractive foliage. Fast growing andfree blooming, this plant blooms during spring and summer season.
Habitat: The plant enjoys well drained humus rich soil.

1. It is grown commercially to be sold to florists.
2. Terrific carpet plants for larger perennials.
3. Well suited for butterfly gardens.
In a nutshell, these flowers definitely deserve a place in your garden this summer!!


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