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Algae are the simplest plants found predominantly in water. They are divided based largely on the pigments they contain and hence, their colour. While all divisions of algae have chlorophyll A, they differ in other chlorophyll molecules, as well as other accessory pigments which imparts them a characteristic range of colours. Some are red, blue and some have a mixture of colours. Algae are mostly found in wet areas and underwater such as near waterfalls, oceans, lake areas, in underwater ecosystem Algae play a very important role by working as producers. Creatures like fishes mainly live on this algae. Algae are now used even as human food too, and are used to make fuels like algal fuels. Though algae are small and not taken seriously like other organisms, they are maintaining the ecological balance silently.

Lichens 0


Lichens Lichens are type of photosynthetic plants defined by the International Association for Lichenology to be an association of a fungus.

Red Algae 0

Red algae

Red algae Red algae are placed in the division rhodophyta and contain chlorophyll A and also phycobilin pigments, like phycoerythrin.

Golden Brown Algae 0

Golden Brown Algae

Golden Brown Algae Golden brown algae are in the division chrysophyta and contain chlorophyll A and C along with xanthophylls.

Brown algae 0

Brown algae

Brown algae belong to a very large group, the Heterokontophyta, a eukaryotic group of organisms distinguished most prominently by having chloroplasts surrounded by four membranes, suggesting an origin from a symbiotic relationship between a...

Green algae 0

Green algae

Green algae Green algae belong to the division chlorophyta and have chlorophyll A and B.

Glowing Algae 0

Increadible Glowing Algae

Glowing Algae Algae is an informal term for a large, diverse group of photosynthetic organisms which are not necessarily closely related and are thus polyphyletic. Description Glowing algae are placed in the group pyrrophyta...

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