A Meal with Mealworms

A Meal with Mealworms!

A Meal with Mealworms

A Meal with Mealworms

It may sound very disgusting and may feel like ‘yuck’, but it is nearly proved to be the next best food. Yes!! Researchers found Beetle larvae, the mealworms, produce more edible protein than that of milk. Hence, in near future, the mealworms may prove to be a more sustainable alternative to foods like milk and chicken.

Besides producing more edible protein, other benefits of this mealworm have also been noticed. Mealworm farms require less land and similar amounts of energy per unit of edible protein produced than that of the traditional animal farms. In a new study, the researchers have also shown that growing mealworms for animal protein generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions than that of the animal products like, chicken, pork, beef or milk. These beneficial features of this worm reveal that the mealworm consumption scored better than the consumption of other animal farm products, as it is friendly to both human and environment.


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