Street Dogs: forced to become infertile

New technologies have been developed by scientists to make a sterile human being fertile; on the other hand, technologies are being used to make fertile street dogs sterile!!


Street Dogs: forced to become infertile

Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and Animal Birth Control (ABC) department have decided to make the street dogs sterile in order to control their population by using laparoscopy technology.
But is it really necessary to use this technology on street dogs to put a full stop in expanding their further generation? Aren’t we too rude to the animal kingdom by doing such activities? In order to fulfill our wish, don’t you think we have turned out to be extremely selfish? Just because we have the power of technology, should we use it in hurting the poor creatures physically as well as emotionally? After doing all these activities, should we hold the right to call ourselves “the saviour”?
Or; has it really become mandatory to stop the uncontrolled birth of street dogs? What do you all think about this???


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