Plant based Eggs for Veggies

We all know that egg supplies essential nutrients to our body. As our vegetarian friends keep themselves away from it, Scientists have found out a substitute for that, “Veg egg”!

Wondering what is it…!!

Veg egg

Veg egg

It is a nutritious product from various plant materials developed as a substitute of chicken eggs. Although there are many food around that substitute egg, but more scientific methods have finally produced this new product which not only look like chicken egg, but also taste good.

Many companies in US are developing this plant-based egg substitutes. It is found that only 8% of plant species have been explored for food alternatives. There could be many other species that would totally replace eggs. According to “LiveScience” report, Hampton Creek Foods, a company based in San Francisco, California, is deconstructing the egg systematically to achieve better results. Eggs have some amazing properties, such as the ability to enable oil and water-based foods to mix permanently. So, this company is analysing hundreds of different plant-based compounds to determine how well they emulsify and replace chicken eggs.

Vegetable Egg

Vegetable Egg

Scientists are also analyzing the protein content and molecular weight of many different compounds to make sure they can replace the nutritional benefits of eggs. This scientific approach is also used to replace eggs in baked goods. “Hampton Creek Foods” has created a powdered egg product for baked goods. As the report said, it was convincing enough that you could not find any difference in the tastes. As said by Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek Foods, this Company’s next aim is to make a satisfying scrambled egg. For this, they have already found a plant from Asia that coagulates, or turns solid, with heat, the process that scrambles the eggs.


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