New Fish species named after President Obama

We are only familiar with roads, streets or places named after famous personalities. But here, you will find out something different than this. Instead of places, now fishes are getting the opportunity to have a name of a President!

New Fish species named after President Obama

New Fish species named after President Obama

A new species of darter fish has been named after President Barack Obama for his environmental leadership by the researchers who discovered it. The freshwater fish, Etheostoma obama has distinctive bright orange and blue colors and is generally found in fast-flowing rivers around USA. The average size of males is 48 cm, while female measures up to an average of 43 cm. Along with it, four other species of darters have also been discovered. Darters are the smallest members of the perch family. There are about 200 discovered species of darters. They are known for their ability to zip around, under and into rocks and sediment on the beds of clean, fast-moving waterways.

A total of five new species of darters (the smallest member of the perch family) have been discovered in recent months. The researchers decided to name each of the new found darters after a U.S. president or vice president for their environmental credentials.

Other species of darter are named after Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and vice president Al Gore.

Etheostoma gore: A darter fish that has been named after former American vice-president Al Gore. He is also renowned for his environmental campaigning and raising awareness of global warming through projects such as his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Etheostoma teddyroosevelt: This one is named after the president and wilderness savior, Teddy Roosevelt who created American national parks.

Etheostoma jimmycarter: Named after President Jimmy Carter, is known for his humanitarian work in his post-presidential career.

Etheostoma clinton: – Named after President Bill Clinton who was honored for his wilderness preservation.