Garden Bed: What and How?

Garden Bed

Garden Bed: What and How?

Garden Bed: What and How?


We are all may not enough rich to have own land to maintain trees, plants and gardens. But still we can protect our nature by having some small plants which are comfortable to grow on the limited land we have on our terrace, narrow backyard and even indoors if you are able to provide proper electric lamps.

The most available method to maintain such type of gardens is “GARDEN BEDS”. In these garden beds, we can raise the small crops such as vegetables, flower plants. These garden beds are made up of Wood. They are generally square in shape and made of woods. Thus, you can shift it easily from one place to another place.

You have to concentrate on the type of soil you are using for cultivating/raising these garden beds. The soil must be rich with organic matters, trace minerals and nutrients. The soil must also be light, i.e. if you press your finger into the soil, you should be easily able to do that.

Even if we have the richest soil in the garden beds, it is usable only for the first 2 or 3 crops. After that, the crops will cease to grow or show very less growth. So, after every two crops we have to plant a “green manure” cover crop. It is very useful in strengthening the soil. Even roots of this green manure crop can break up into the soil easily and this crop gives enough nutrients to the soil which are useful for future crops.

Grass-field garden bed

Grass-field garden bed

Compost gives organic nutrients which can change dirt into soil (even dead plants skeletons can also use as compost we can chop the skeletons of dead plants and dug it in the soil). It is better to use Organic fertilizers instead of Chemical fertilizers because these Chemical fertilizers may give impressive results but cannot give enough strength to the complete soil. And it is better to add “phosphorus” yearly once it gives steady growth of the crop large fruits. And it is better to add ROCK PHOSPHATE to our soil for every two years which strengthens the early crops.

The maintenance of soil and a good drainage system is very essential if you want to grow something on your own and enjoy the benefits of some organic fruits or vegetables or even the site of blooming flower plants. Try it and let us know if you find it helpful.


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