Disappearing shells of sea snails

Disappearing shells of sea snails



Everyday we are thinking, talking and discussing about the rising pollution on earth and also trying to combat it down. But, are we really aware of this? Pollution, the silent killer, has now become a world-wide issue.

Continuous increase in pollution level results in raising the amount of harmful gases including Carbon dioxide, in the Earth’s atmosphere. These harmful gases get into the sea water and make it acidic. Scientists have found out very serious consequences of acidic water on the marine water animals. A publication in Nature Geoscience says that, the sea water animals (molluscs) like snails and mussels, are losing their shell (protective outer covering) due to this rising acidity of sea water. The acidic water is actually responsible for the melting down of their shell, which defends them from every harmful thing in the environment. Hence, these animals are rapidly becoming endangered which is an environmental threat to all of us.


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