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Although you can find some interesting plant, which are really surprising. Actually our world is full of wonders!

Grеаt Тrееs оf the World

Great Trees Of The World

Nature is full of wonders, here you can find some Great Trees Of The World. Let’s meet these amazing trees! 1. Lоnе Сурrеss Buffeted by thе соld Расіfіс Осеаn wіnd, thе sсrаgglу Lоnе Сурrеss...

Monster Coconut Tree

Monster Coconut Tree

Monster Coconut Tree This is the Monster Coconut Tree in Tonga. I used to live there and I thought I would share it. by our member Jessica Mijares.(Image Source).

Beautiful Bonsai


Bonsai is a millenia-oldbeloved art form that involves growing trees in its miniature form in a small low sided pot. The visually appealing art form that it is hails from Japan. The word bonsai...