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Fishes are essentially aquatic and jaw-bearing true vertebrates. This class is specially known for their unimaginable number (about 40,000 species) and bewildering forms. They are characterised by having streamlined bodies, covered with scales, the presence of gills for respiration and paired fins for swimming. They belong to the superclass Pisces which can be sorted into two different evolutionary lines: cartilaginous fishes or Chondrichthyes or elasmobranchs and bony fishes or Osteichthyes.

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse, А wеіrd-lооkіng fіsh

I knоw І ‘vе wrіttеn аbоut рlеntу оf wеіrd lооkіng fіsh, but thе Asian Sheepshead Wrasse іs а strоng соntеndеr fоr thе numbеr оnе strаngе-lооkіng fіsh. Wіth а grеаt bulbоus сhіn аnd аn аmаzіng...

‘Albino’ great white shark

‘Albino’ great white shark

Albino Shark(Pangasius hypophthalmus) consist of species from Southeast Asia(Particularly in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam) and include the largest freshwater fish on Earth, the “Mekong giant catfish” Pangasiandon gigas. The albino form of this catfish...


Extinct genus of bony fish: Bananogmius

Extinct genus of bony fish: Bananogmius Bananogmius is an extinct genus of bony fish that lived in what is today Kansas during the Late Cretaceous. It lived in the Western Interior Seaway, which split...

Flute Fish

Interesting Flute Fish

Flute Fish(Fistularia) Found in tropical and temperate waters from Africa to China. Called so because of slender elongated eel-like body and long tubular snout. Skin naked. Mouth small, narrow with minute teeth.

Angler Fish (Lophius)

Angler Fish

Angler Fish (Lophius): On the bottom of Atlantic coasts of N. America and Europe, lives a wonderful fish called angler fish. They have an ugly dorso-ventrally compressed body. Mouth is a wide gape covered...



Viperfish Common name: Viperfish Scientific Name: Chauliodus sp. Genus: Chauliodus Distribution: Viperfish is found in the depths of tropical and sub-tropical seas.



Mandarinfish(Synchiropus splendidus): The mandarinfish is native to the Western Pacific ranging approximately from the Ryukyu Islands south to Australia.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish

Amazing Flying Fish Flying fish (Exocoetidae) inhabits tropical and Subtropical regions of Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

Red lipped batfish

Red-lipped batfish

Red-lipped batfish Common name: Red-lipped batfishScientific name: Ogcocephalus darwiniHabitat: Found in the Galapagos at a depth of about 30 m and deeper.Description: The red lipped batfish is a weird looking fish found in the Galapagos...